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Preperations for our Airbrush Tans

Instantly beautiful bronzed skin……now who doesn’t want this? Simply follow the home preparation for our fabulous airbrush tans and you will be glowing with a safe tan.


Exfoliate…exfoliate…in the days leading up to your spray tan, exfoliate in every shower. This removes all dead skin cells and leaves the skin soft and even for your tan application.

On the day of your appointment, shower as normal but DO NOT APPLY any body lotion or deodorant to the skin. Facial moisturiser is fine.

Coming into the salon, wear loose, dark clothes. Save the good undies for another time, we provide disposable panties to save your clothes. Loose footwear is preferable, flip flops are the best.

One hour after tan application….wash your hands.

Depending on the tan applied, showering advice will differ. Be guided by your therapist on this.

Moisturise after every shower to prolong and maintain your tan.

Refer to the tanning guides in the tanning room.

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